Business Visa

Australia Business Visa

There are many types of business visas for Australia which let you to manage or open a business in Australia or make significant investment there. Each visa category has its own requirements in terms of point system and eligibility criteria. Applicants eligibility is checked in accordance to their profile for the below mentioned Visas. All these business visa categories are approved by DIBP.

• Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent Visa)-Subclass 888 To apply under this stream, an applicant should hold subclass 188,444,457IE.This Visa allows you to live and work indefinitely, manage or invest in business, enrol in medicare etc.Its got three stream viz Business Innovation Stream,Investor Stream and Premium Investor Stream.

• Business Talent (Permanent Visa)-Subclass 132 This visa has got two streams viz Significant Business History Stream and Venture Capital Enterpreneur Stream.You have to be nominated by Australian State/Territory or Government Agency to apply for this Visa.

• Business Innovation and Investment(Provisional Visa)-Subclass 188 Applicant should be nominated by State/Territory Government or Austrade to apply for this visa.This had got four streams viz: Business Innovation Stream,Investor Stream,Significant Investor Stream and Premium Investor Stream.To apply for 888, holding this visa is a prerequisite.An applicant should be having 65 points on the basis of age,educations, experience, net assests,turn over etc.

• Business Owner Visa-Subclass 890 An applicant can apply for this if he/she holds a business provisional visa and has been running a business in Australia for past 2 years.You can be a holder of Subclass 160,161,162,163,164,165.

• Investor Visa-Subclass 891 It’s a PR visa valid for five years and available to those who held a provisional visa- subclass 162 and have maintained a designated investment of AUD 1,500,000 for four years.

• State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner Visa-Subclass 892 It’s a permanent visa of 5 years sponsored by state/territory government.You can be a holder of subclass 160,161,162,163,164,165.

• State/Territory Sponsored Investor Visa-Subclass 893 An applicant qualifies for this visa if he/she holds provisional investor visa- subclass 165 and holds a designated investment of AUD 750000 in Australia for four years. All these visa comply with health and character requirements and every visa stream is having its own requirements of net assests,turn over and investment which has to be satisfied individually.